Art & Sculpture Relocation

Michigan’s Professional Art and Sculpture Relocation Contractors

Art relocations in Michigan don’t need to be stressful with Precision Installations and Services on your side.

When moving an esteemed piece of art across the Midwest, ensuring that it is secure is of the utmost importance. Art isn’t a commodity and an original is irreplaceable, meaning that not just anyone should be handling it, let alone coordinating a relocation. At Precision Installations and Services, we have been professionally relocating art and sculptures of all sizes for over 60 years. We understand the value of your fine art and are able to coordinate special arrangements to have it moved to its new destination. We provide complimentary estimates, so simply tell us about your art or sculpture(s), where they’re located and where they need to go!

We keep an open line of communication with all of our clients to ensure their art or sculpture relocation is safe and arrives in a timely manner.

We believe that learning as much as we can before the job is the key to our company’s success. When you call for your free estimate, you’ll speak with our friendly staff who will explain to you all of the information we’ll need to know about your fine art or statues. We’ll ask you to fill out an inventory of all items that need to be relocated, as well as a form to understand the liability behind each item.

Each of our art shipping projects begins with packing.

Sculpture Relocation by Precision Installations & Services in MichiganEach type of art requires a different kind of packaging when being transported. This means that there’s not a “one-size-fits-all” option that works for all statues and paintings. Precision Installations and Services knows the best ways to pack up your art and take it to its new destination, ensuring that it looks the same after the move as before! We help you with your art crating, and will even design custom crates for your uniquely-sized art pieces. Once your art has been crated, we get to work gently packing it and moving it. We have a wide network of trucks and logistics companies at our fingertips to coordinate the perfect move for your art pieces.

To request your free estimate for relocating your art or sculptures, contact the professionals at Precision Installations and Services today!